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Little Ricky tries to appease Daddy Dobson

Senator Santorum is constantly weaving and bobbing, trying to keep the hardcore wingnuts happy while courting the imaginary moderates in Pennsylvania he thinks might hold their noses and vote for him in his re-election bid.

He went on Daddy Dobson’s radio show and got pummeled by the bible-beating, power-hungry head of Focus on the Anus, forcing Ricky to swerve to the hard right to please The Man — and boy does Rick know who his Daddy is.

Even so, Dobson’s still not happy with the level of influence he and his band of Christofascists have had on this country so far. Listen to the whining. (Media Matters):

I wish the — not only the Democrats — but the Republicans would — begin to take stock of what they’re doing to the family. You know, it’s been over a year now since the presidential election and Republicans have been in power in the House and the Senate and in the White House, and there is very, very little along the lines of what we’re talking about to show for it. There’s very little that has been accomplished that relates to social — conservative social issues: the pro-family agenda; the pro-moral agenda; the sanctity of life. There’s just nothing going on, and I know there are a lot of people out there that are pretty irritated at both parties, frankly, for that.

Holy hell. He’s about to get his nominee for the Supreme Court anointed, his pawn is in the White House, and he’s got half of Congress running scared with his well-oiled influence machine and an army of Kool-Aid infused holy rolling sheeple behind him. What else does he f*cking want?

And Little Ricky had to be quaking in his shoes after Dobson’s railing, possibly sitting there with a little sweat on his upper lip, composing himself enough to utter this response.

I was just meeting with the folks at the Arlington Group earlier, talking about the marriage amendment, and I believe that’s one of the most important pieces of legislation that we are going to be able to deal with this year. And I’m hopeful that we are going to have a vote on the marriage amendment sometime in the spring. I’m hopeful it’ll be March — in the March timeframe. We need to have a good debate — as is going on across the country right now — on the issue of protecting marriage being between one man and one woman. It is foundational for our society.

The Arlington Group. That’s the band of All-Star AmTaliban seeking passage of a marriage amendment, put together by winger Paul Weyrich (a founding president of The Heritage Foundation).

Three of the Arlington enforcers: Dobson, Falwell, Weyrich

The wingnut leadership threatened Dear Leader’s kneecaps last year over support for his (failed) Social Security dismantling project, asking Karl Rove to designate “a top level” official to coordinate opposition to same-sex marriage, as a show of commitment to the bible thumpers. The plan was to roll out the smear campaign, blaming all the ills of today on the army of society-destroying fags and dykes and the Homosexual AgendaTM. Dobson, after all, has opined that “Homosexuals are not monogamous. They want to destroy the institution of marriage,” and “It will destroy marriage. It will destroy the Earth.”

The Arlington Group’s Rogue’s Gallery includes some familiar faces

American Assoc. of Christian Counselors, Tim Clinton, President

American Family Association, Don Wildmon, President
American Family Association Michigan, Gary Glenn, President

American Values, Gary Bauer, President
Bott Radio Network, Richard Bott, Vice President

Citizens for Community Values, Phil Burress, President

Coral Ridge Ministries, Dr. D. James Kennedy, President
Covenant Marriage Movement, Phil Waugh, Executive Director
Faith 2 Action, Janet Folger, President

Family Research Council, Tony Perkins, President
Focus on the Family, Dr. James Dobson, Chairman
Free Congress Foundation, Paul Weyrich, President
Free Market Foundation, Kelly Shackelford, President
Nat’l Coalition for the Prot. of Children/Families, Jack Samad, President

Southern Baptist Conv. Ethics & Rel. Liberty Com., Dr. Richard Land, President

Traditional Values Coalition, Rev. Lou Sheldon, President

Audio of Dobson and Santorum is here.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding