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Now, I have, I have a real-world question for those of you women in the audience. Just something I, I’d like to know. How many of you in the secrecy and privacy of your own dreams and hopes would love to be hired as eye candy?

— Hillbilly heroin Rushbo on his radio show, on his idea of what women really want.

Limbaugh never has to worry about being anyone’s eye candy. Media Matters has the latest incredible crap that spews out of this man’s mouth. I don’t know what’s worse, Rush’s mewlings or the sheeple dittohead bleaters that call in.

Limbaugh’s question was part of a discussion about a January 10 report on the conservative news website about six women who filed a lawsuit for sex discrimination against their company, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein Securities, a division of Germany’s Dresdner Bank. According to the article, the lawsuit, filed in Manhattan by five employees working in New York and one working in London, asserts that they were hired as “eye candy,” and that one woman was openly called “the Pamela Anderson of trading” by her boss.

Later in the broadcast, Limbaugh returned to the subject when he said:

LIMBAUGH: I’m not talking — I know how many of you want to be sexually harassed — that’s not what I was asking. But, I mean, I — if, if, if somebody wants to hire you to look good for whoever is the first to walk in the door every day, why not, if that’s your asset?

Media Matters has previously noted that on the April 26, 2004, edition of his radio program, Limbaugh stated that women “actually wish” for sexual harassment.

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Pam Spaulding