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EqualityNC calls for action on employment discrimination

Ian Palmquist and Ed Farthing, executive directors of Equality NC have a petition effort going in response to the story of Laurel Scherer and her partner, who lost their photography contract at a ski resort because their wedding announcement appeared in the local paper (see my earlier post).

For the past two ski seasons, photographer Laurel Scherer’s All Terrain Images has worked at Wolf Laurel Ski Area as an independent business taking pictures of skiers and providing the ski area with photography for marketing materials. This fall Laurel and her partner were married in Massachusetts and announced their wedding the Asheville Citizen Times. Three weeks later the ski area backed out of a verbal agreement for Laurel to continue her photography business this winter.

Although several excuses were given, the resort owners confirmed that the wedding announcement was the reason for the change. Now Laurel is left without her winter business, after purchasing supplies and preparing for the season.

Laurel’s story is yet another reminder that in North Carolina, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender workers have no protection from discrimination under state or federal law.

Help us build support for laws that will ensure that workers are free to work without fear of discrimination in North Carolina by signing our Petition for Fair Employment.

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