It’s only a flesh wound….

Doesn’t know when to quit… 

Given the opportunity to bow out gracefully, throw in the white towel, and go lick his wounds, Jonah Goldberg opts to…be Jonah:

I really cannot exaggerate how much cheap, bad faith email I’m receiving from people who don’t want to actually deal with the facts. Those emails I posted are just the tip of the iceberg. I don’t take back a single thing I wrote. But, I will for simplicity’s sake repeat myself once again: I believe the government needs a warrant to search 10 year olds (the usual caveats about ticking time bombs and airport metal detectors notwithstanding). I always have and always will. There isn’t a liberal judge in America who doesn’t think the police have the right to search anybody they please, so long as they have a warrant from a judge. Saying I’m in favor of allowing searches of kids without a warrant of any kind is a signal flare notifying me that the accuser doesn’t care about being taken seriously.

I also believe that a cop searching someone — be they five years old or fifty — who does it respectfully and in good faith that they have a warrant to do so is not a villain. A parent who deals illegal drugs — or a non-parent for that matter — is a villain (please: hold the arguments about medical marijuana for another day, okay?).

Lastly, I keep getting charged with supporting government power so long as it’s my guy in office. But George Bush has nothing to do with the issue of warranted searches of drug dealers (or their children) and anybody who read my column when Bill Clinton was in office will find that I’m perfectly consistent on these sorts of issues. But, speaking of Bill Clinton, it would be nice to know how many of these holier than thouers were upset — even remotely — by Janet Reno’s assault on the Branch Davidians or the seizure of Elian Gonzales.

Jonah Goldberg: Objectively pro-child abuse and kidnapping.

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