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Why, Some of Alito’s Best Friends Are…

You knew they’d have to find some person of color to trot out sooner or later to give Alito a pass on the privileged bigot thing. How desperate are they to drag out Peter Kirsanow:

Bush’s pet commissioner….can be considered somewhat of a White House mouthpiece on civil rights issues. So you can understand why the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights and the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee are calling for Kirsanow’s resignation after remarks he made July 19 at a commission hearing in Detroit.

Speaking on homeland security and the administration’s call for tougher measures, Kirsanow did not beat around the bush.

"If there’s another terrorist attack, and if it’s from a certain ethnic community or certain ethnicities that the terrorists are from, you can forget civil rights in this country," said Kirsanow.

Heard enough? There’s more. "Not too many people will be crying in their beer if there are more detentions, more stops and more profiling," said Kirsanow.

Comforting words from a man appointed to uphold your civil rights in America.

Kirsanow was one of Dubya’s recess appointments last week to be a member of the NLRB. When not writing for the NRO and making white bigots feel good about suppressing African-American votes, he’s applauding Korematsu v. the United States, the 1944 U.S. Supreme Court decision that upheld the government’s use of internment camps.

Malkin’s getting tingly all over right about now.

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