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Princess Barbie Talibania for Scalito… but he doesn't have any sort of agenda, you know

I continue to receive Princess Barbie Talibania’s e-newsletter. Our erstwhile defender of 1950’s women’s rights is in Washington for the Strip Search Sammy Scalito hearings, and sends me this report:

I joined a large group of young people, including a group of 100 youth from TeenPact at the Supreme Court this morning. We stood there to show our support for a fair and unifying hearing for Judge Alito’s nomination. We also recognize the importance of this position on the Supreme Court to the issue of abortion and creating a culture of life within our country.

But, of course, Sammy will keep an open mind on Roe v. Wade and considers it “an important precedent”. Please, do go on.

We also had a group of women, some of them were post-abortive, who were peacefully giving their testimonies, when a group of 5 to 7 radical, pro-abortion men came and disrupted our press conference right here in front of the Supreme Court. These radical men began pushing women and the police were called. One of the ladies that who was shoved is six months pregnant and is still very shaken up by the disruption of these radical, pro-abortion men.

And Brandi, I’ll agree, pushing, shoving, harrassing, and screaming at peaceful people — especially pregnant women — who are merely trying to assert their legal Constitutional rights is shocking and wrong. Fortunately, nobody on the anti-abortion side ever does that to pregnant women who are trying to enter an abortion clinic to assert their legal Constitutional rights. I guess it’s only a matter of time before one of these “pro-abortion” men sets off bombs at the Generation Life headquarters, a heterosexual nightclub, or Atlanta’s Olympic Park. Or worse, decides to assassinate a Christian anti-abortion doctor.

Also, please keep in mind that Senator Charles Schumer has stated that he will attempt to filibuster Judge Alito’s hearings. I heard this repeated again this morning — Chuck Schumer plans to filibuster. I find it extremely disturbing that our leaders are unwilling to allow the process to play out as it was designed. They refuse to honor the wishes of the President, and the American people to allow Judge Alito a fair hearing.

Damn straight! Hariet Miers deserves a fair up or down vote! Why won’t the senators respect the wishes of the president?

I know you’re young, sweetie, but the filibuster has been a part of the way the process is designed for over two hundred years. It was instituted by men wiser than you who realized that there needs to be a check on the unrestrained power of a majority. Now, I know you Republicans don’t have much use for checks and balances now that there are no Democrats in power, but trust me, you’re going to be very happy those protections are in place over the next few elections.

As I mentioned earlier, a group of angry pro-choice men disrupted a pro-life news conference in front of the Supreme Court. These men do not support Judge Alito’s confirmation. Here is an interesting tidbit from this morning. The “counter-protestors” were from the Revolutionary Communist Party. Here was the website they touted: …so it’s communists that hate President Bush and Judge Alito.

Yup, no doubt about it. If you support a woman’s medical privacy rights, the idea that a president is not a king, the idea that judges should recuse themselves from cases where even the appearance of conflict of interest exists, or that reasonably bright adults should be able to remember the racist, sexist college groups they belonged to and touted on a job application, then you, too, might be a communist.

Sadly the confirmation process has turned into a personal attack on Judge Alito. So much so that Sen. Graham apologized for the comments that had been made. Mrs. Alito was in tears in the hearing room and left at one point. There is no doubt that tough questions need to be asked, but to ask Alito if he is anti-woman and racist is ridiculous!

Funny, though, how Mrs. Alito shed not one tear while Kennedy was asking about CAP, but only after Sen. Lindsay Graham — the man who coached Alito in preparation for the hearings — brought up the strawman apology. I wonder what the signal was to get the tears flowing? “When I tap my chin and say ‘outrageous’, Mrs. Alito, turn on the waterworks!”

Sen. Ted Kennedy asked for a subpoena. Sparks flew between Sen. Kennedy and Chairman Spector in regard to paper work that linked Alito to a Princeton group that Sen. Kennedy said was racist and anti-woman. …The attempt to make Alito a bigot was pathetic.

When, in actuality, it was Scalito himself who linked himself to that Princeton group by touting his membership in same on a 1985 job application with the Reagan administration! And furthermore, nobody is implying Scalito is racist or sexist, but rather why he included that group on his application but denies recalling being a part of it. Nobody thinks he’s a bigot, Brandi, but rather that he is a vacillating liar.

On a VERY positive note today, Judge Alito would not say that Roe v. Wade was the settled law of the land. Sen. Durbin pushed him hard on this. issue.

This is what bugs me the most about this whole process. We know Scalito will overturn Roe. The president knows it. The senate knows it. Pro-choice and anti-abortion supporters know it. Brandi is practically moist anticipating it. It’s as simple as this: Senator, should you vote to confirm the judge who will re-criminalize abortion?

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