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Michigan Y: No breastfeeding near pool

Kelly Fuks (oy, an unfortunate name) exposed a boobie to feed her child and the YMCA said it “created a distraction to lifeguards.” Let’s see, monitoring all the kids jumping and playing in the pool is less of of a distraction than a mother sitting quietly by the pool breastfeeding.

Come the f*ck on – what kind of mammary-phobic (or more likely, unhealthily mammary-obsessed) lifeguards are these? (ClickonDetroit):

An Ann Arbor woman says she was asked to stop breastfeeding her baby in public at an area YMCA. Now she hopes by speaking out, the gray line about breast-feeding in public is eliminated.

Left: bad boobies. Right: good boobies.

According to Fuks, a lifeguard of the YMCA approached her and told her she could not breast-feed by the pool. Senior Programs Director at the YMCA Diane Carr said there is no food or water allowed in the pool area and exceptions cannot be made.

Wait…is Ms. Fuks a vending machine or public milk dispenser? WTF?

Fuks later contacted the Y by telephone and told the newspaper that the reason she was told breast-feeding by the pool was not allowed was that it created a distraction to lifeguards.

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