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Damn, you almost had me fooled

Nothing like a good laugh in the morning, courtesy of Jon over at The Pensito Review — “VP Medical Shocker: Cheney Secretly Underwent Cardiectomy.”

Useless organ removed: An unidentified source at the George Washington University Hospital has provided evidence that Vice President Dick Cheney secretly underwent a radical cardiectomy Monday night. The source said the surgery began about 3:20 AM and took about 50 minutes to perform.

“It was determined that the patient had no more use for the organ – had not used it in a long, long time,” said the source, who witnessed the removal of the vice president’s heart. “In addition, he needed to lose a little weight,” the source added.

The hospital staff member – who refused to be identified due to fear of “being murdered” – also took a photo of the heart (shown above) which was described as “resembling a lump of coal.”

Surf over for more.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding