Eat the poor

Wal- Mart’s Mia Masten: Selling out
the poor for a corner office…
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The Club for Growth has a blog (who doesn’t?) and they’re not too thrilled with the decision in Maryland to make Wal-Mart keep their employess off of the public dole:

The Maryland Legislature has overridden the Governor’s veto on the Wal-Mart bill. If you live in Maryland and you value economic freedom, now’s the time to consider moving.

You see the Club for Growth doesn’t want to compel Wal-Mart to provide their employees with a basic standard of living..oh, and they sure as hell don’t want to tax the people of Maryland to pay for medical services for the poor or anything that might be in any way construed as a social safety net.

Not that Maryland has a problem with thowing a little corporate welfare the Waltons’ way:

Whatever economic development that block-grant money actually produces in a given locality almost always comes at the expense of somebody else, since communities now use federal urban aid to give businesses relocation incentives—in effect employing U.S. tax dollars to wage war against one another for existing jobs rather than creating new ones. Maryland, for instance, used block-grant money to buy land for a distribution center for Wal-Mart, the world’s largest company and one of its most profitable.

Visit Maryland! Come for the crabcakes! Leave because of the coughing children!

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