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Where's the b*tch that set him up this time?

Classic Barry, from 1990 crack smoking bust at the Vista Hotel. This little bit of business occurred during his third term as mayor.

Marion Barry tests positive for blow. And how about an endorsement of the faith-based drug treatment program he attended. I don’t care if he’s a “man of the people,” the folks that keep electing him to public office must have a screw loose.

One must believe the good folks in his ward can find a better political representative than this loser — he’s a junkie, people.

D.C. Council member Marion Barry tested positive for cocaine use in the fall in a drug test ordered by a court after he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor tax charges, according to two sources familiar with Barry’s case.

Barry, who served four terms as mayor and was elected to the Ward 8 council seat in 2004, has since begun treatment for drug use, the sources said, but Barry’s failure to pass the mandatory drug test puts him in legal jeopardy. Because he violated the terms of his release, Barry, 69, faces an increased risk of serving the maximum 18 months behind bars — rather than probation — for his failure to file tax returns for six years.

…Barry’s arrest was followed by seven weeks in treatment centers in Florida and South Carolina. He repeatedly invoked God upon his return, in keeping, a spokesman said at the time, with his 12-step, faith-based treatment program.

See DCist’s post, The End of Marion Barry?

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Pam Spaulding