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The Rod and the throbbing Sword

Rod Parsley has been discussed many times here on the Blend. He’s a busy guy, with his televangelist gig at the World Harvest Church and his political arm, Center for Moral Clarity. He’s actively involved in rallying up support for homo-bigot Keith Butler in his race for the Senate seat in Michigan.

Rod threw his weight around as a special guest (well, ok he founded the organization, but he’s special anyway) at the Reformation Ohio “revival” at the Statehouse, the mission of which was to convert 100,000 people to Christianity within four years (and get those sheeple voters registered).

It looks like Rod’s come up with some innovative ways of bringing in the buxxx for his efforts. The Revealer nearly had me falling out of the chair with this post about Rod (thanks for the pointer, Holly).

Do you experience erectile dysfunction? Would you like a little more size? Pastor Rod Parsley wants to help — he’ll turn your “male headship” into a deadly weapon with extra inches.

Pastor Rod is the fundamentalist feudal prince of Ohio, the bestselling preacher who tipped the Buckeye state for Bush in 2004. His strategy? Warning the citizenry that they would all go gay if they didn’t beat back the homosexual agenda. Pastor Rod couldn’t legally endorse Bush, but he pushed Christian conservative voters to the polls.

This past August, I reported that Pastor Rod was raising cash for holy war — I mean, relief work — in Sudan by offering an actual 27-inch sword, in exchange for a gift of $54 or more. Now, Pastor Rod’s got a whole new sword to sell. And this one’s ten inches longer, with a blade of steel and a “gold-colored metal” handle inscribed with the cross. It’s the “SWORD OF THE KING,” promises Pastor Rod.

Just like the one Christ didn’t carry? Even better. This “beautifully crafted” blade, writes Rod, is a “replica” of King Arthur’s. As in Excaliber, the magic sword Merlin told him to pull out of a stone. Sound like kid’s stuff? No way. Who’s going to tell a man packing 37 awesome inches of hard steel that he’s lost in a fairy tale?

There’s more. Don’t worry about where to sheath your blade — in a special email solicitation, Pastor Rod writes that it comes with a “beautiful… mount.”

There’s plenty more where that came from.

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