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Mrs. Strip Search Sammy sure had herself a Kodak moment today, didn’t she? Goober Graham left off his corn-pone homilies and played the hick card just long enough to set her up by using the B word — the word they’re all terrified of, the word they wanted to use before the Democrats did — BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT BIGOT — that sent the low-rent Sarah Bernhardt shrieking for the cheap seats.

I’ve worked in the biz long enough to know a poorly executed little melodrama when I see it and that was the worst, the most shameless, most obvious. It’s the role you give a really bad actress, one that can’t even be counted upon to cry with conviction. The mad dash will obscure the crocodile tears and ensure that all the cameras follow, and any attempt at intelligent discussion of quite serious and weighty matters will undoubtedly get trumped by a moment of quick burlesque ripe for the evening news. A slavish press will need no coaching to play along.

Pure setup 101.

Somebody sat down last night and decided ol’ Strip Search was coming off cold and vaguely sweaty and creepy. But how to soften him up, make him sympathetic, get the public on his side? Anyone with an IQ over 52 was doing an eye roll over that one, so it ought to have had some sort of GOP trademark stamp atop it.

Democrats are now effectively warned away from inching near the "B" word lest they look like cruel Snidely Whiplashes taunting Dainty Sensitive Nell.

These boldfaced crooks are absolutely desperate to stack the court and keep all their bacon out of prison.

Update: TBogg says boo-fucking-hoo.

Update 2: Wolcott and Watertiger are equally moved.

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