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'Inflammatory' same-sex kiss banned from NZ cricket game

Displays of affection between two women or two men are not appropriate at Westpac Trust Stadium in New Zealand. My, someone’s knickers are in a twist…(Advocate via PageOneQ):

Apparently same-sex kisses, gay or straight, are just too much for cricket fans in New Zealand. That’s the conclusion of the owners of a stadium, who say such displays of affection are not appropriate at their venue.

The ruling stemmed from an incident in which two straight women were threatened with eviction after they exchanged a friendly peck that was caught on camera and played on the big screen to a cheering crowd. According to a report in the Dominion Post, a security guard at the one-day cricket international in Napier on Sunday told the women they were distracting the crowd and would be thrown out if they did it again. The women thought their action was “just a bit of fun,” but according to a Westpac Trust Stadium spokesman, two women kissing “is not appropriate” at a family venue.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding