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Jonah Goldberg tells the one about when his mom got tired of watching him eat paste in the basement and bought his way into college:

I went to an all-women’s college. Mine was the first "integrated" class at Goucher College, a fine, historically single-sex liberal arts college in Baltimore. As you might imagine, many of the young women there, some egged on by very ideological feminist professors, had opposed the decision to admit men. The fact that my freshman year was also the year Robert Bork was nominated to the Supreme Court and Glenn Close boiled a bunny in "Fatal Attraction" might give you a sense of the larger cultural climate as well.

While my undergraduate experience was not exactly the late-night Cinemax adventure some imagine when they hear that there was a roughly 30-to-1 female-to-male student ratio, I did find the experience rewarding on several fronts. One of them was that I learned quite a bit about feminism and feminists (I was certainly exposed to more feminist theory than I was to, say, the U.S. Constitution or the American founding).

I went to a women’s college too and I know the type — they show up thinking that under the law of averages even they might get lucky and become angry for the rest of their lives when they discover nobody’s ever that hard up. Somehow it becomes Betty Friedan’s fault that they never got a bj when the meter wasn’t running and the result is pretty much the entire NRO masthead (a group to which, it seems, Brian Williams now aspires).

TBogg envisions Jonah’s days as a puffy young coed and yes, sweaty man boobs are mentioned.

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