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How long before the wingers go after 'Twist'?

Sony Music launches gay label. From the folks at LOGO (a channel I still cannot get in Durham, btw, despite calling Time Warner), another piece of evidence of the Homosexual AgendaTM in progress…

Sony Music on Tuesday said it was launching the first major music label dedicated to nurturing lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-gendered artists.

The label, Music with a Twist, is a joint venture with Wilderness Media & Entertainment, the company led by Matt Farber, who founded Viacom Inc.’s MTV Networks’ new gay and lesbian channel LOGO, which is available in an estimated 20 million homes.

The label also comes as Wilderness Media plans this weekend to launch a syndicated national radio show called Twist targeting the gay and “gay-adjacent” communities, debuting on FM stations and the Web. The weekly two-hour radio show will feature music, celebrity interviews, entertainment reports and relationship and lifestyle advice and news in a “morning show” format.

Hold the presses. I see the Freepi have weighed in on this one without delay.

Actual Freeper Quotes™

“No doubt directed at kids! Don’t think I’ll be buying Sony anything for a while…”

“This is a GREAT idea. It will keep all that gay music off the other labels….”

“The first CD release will be “Songs Inspired By Bareback Mountain”, including the hits, “Homo On The Range,” and “Bathhouses of Laredo.””

“Yeah, like the gays don’t already have gay or gay-friendly artists like Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand, Liza Minelli, Bette Midler, Cher, the Village People, George Michael, Elton John…”

“I vote we get them their own water fountains, too!”

“Gives new meaning to “rootkit.””

“Gangsta artists shoot each other Country Artists may cuss at each other Gay/Lesbian artists simply kick, pull hair and scratch each other’s eyes out.”

“Wait until they find out their 10% market was off by a decimal point.”

“They seem to be using the alternative label ploy, so it won’t be Sony, it will be Music With a Twist. I don’t know how well that will work. Disney tried it, and I think they have managed to tar themselves pretty well anyway. Put this together with Sony’s deliberate virus infection, and it doesn’t make them look too great. Sony has a lot at stake just now, because they are just releasing the first Blu-Ray players and discs, but Microsoft is coming out with an alternative HDTV version that permits streaming, and it’s not clear that Sony will win the competition. It seems as if top management is letting the “creative” types get out of control.”

“Perhaps Sony Classical will launch a straight Broadway affiliated label.”

“Huh. Looks like the Butthole Surfers found a new label.”

“Yeah, butt we’re a long way from a Buck Naked and the Bare Bottom Boys reunion…”

“Don’t forget Judas Priest! I have all of their gay-era CDs (meaning, no Ripper).”

Judas Priest: [This clod is quoting out gay lead singer Rob Halford…] “A lot of cool things happened because of it. I’ve had feedback from a lot of people, particularly teenagers who were going through tremendous hardships with family and at school. I know when I was 12 or 13 I was thinking, ‘Oh God, I’m a freak, I’m gonna burn in hell,’ and all that crap – and it’s a horrible experience to live through if you don’t have support. But looking at the bigger picture, I’m not the only metal homo. There are many more statistically speaking.”

“The queers and fagots audience comprises, at most, 5% of the country, considerably less than the African Americans or Hispanics. Accordingly, I get the idea that this new label will be less than sterling.

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