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NC lesbian couple facing bigotry by ski resort gets freeped

You knew it would happen. You’ll recall my earlier post on the lesbian couple that lost their photography contract at an NC ski resort after the owners saw their marriage announcement in the local paper. It looks like the flap aired on a local (Asheville) station and it caught the eye of the cretins in Freeperland.

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“This story was on the local news tonight. The ski resort said they have a lot of church groups. These “women” (if only I had the pics) were simply doing contract work (verbal) by taking pictures of patrons at the resort. This crap makes me so mad!”

“Asheville is only slightly less liberal than San Francisco.”

“I don’t *think* so.”

“We do have a lot of liberals but the outlying areas are definitely conservative. I’m going to write Wolf Laurel and tell them I back them 100%.”

“These lesbians don’t just want to do what pleases them, they need people to assuage their feelings of alienation.”

“My sister and her significant other got ‘married’ in Canada (for reasons I cannot fathom since it does them no good in this country) and they sent out cutesy announcements and I am sure put an announcement in their local paper.”

“As much as they protest they are treated badly by the VRW conspiracy, they sure do as much as they can to call attention to themselves.”

“When Islam covers the world, after people like them allow it to happen by their antiwar, anticonflict,antispying, anti everything that keeps us safe, I wonder if they realize what will happen to women (and men) like them? It isn’t pretty to be gay in a moslem society.”

“Instead of being in each others faces they want to be in our faces.”

“Gay coupling will always be discriminatory because homosexuality in humankind is non-functional and aberrant. Sadly, gay coupling is a reality of our society and perhaps, hopefully, in Wester Culture, homosexuality will bring an artistic value to our lives so dumdum.”

“Let heterosexuals bring artistic value. Homosexuals apparently have the need to make sure the whole world knows of their sexual deviancy and then complain because someone notices. There are still people who believe homosexuality is a sinful, perverted behavior and are not about to promote it and they shouldn’t have to.”

“Umm think again!! I live right outside Asheville and work in Asheville. Rainbows abound.”

“I told my sons the other day that 50 years ago, homosexuals were looked upon as truly aberrant human beings, close to committing a crime. Then I told them that 50 years from now, if things continue on this same path, there will be no outrage over pedophilia and sex with minors….it will simply be termed an alternative lifestyle, with no real punishment. All of this is not a good thing.”

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