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Death threats to TV station manager over 'Daniel'

UPDATE: Think the AFA’s influence is harmless? A station manager and program director at a TV station in Indiana have received death threats for airing the show.

Note that the NBC affiliate would not air the show, so the WB affiliate picked it up — and the latter station is the recipient of the threats. (

Police in Terre Haute are investigating death threats against the manager and program director at KWBF-TV after the station decided to run the NBC series “The Book of Daniel”.

Executives at the station have been given security, and guards are posted at the studios.

Terre Haute’s NBC affiliate refused to air the show’s premiere Friday after pressure from the American Family Association and area pastors. KWBF, a WB affiliate then agreed to run the series.
Threats to the station began pouring in shortly after it made the announcement. They continued after the show aired and police were called in.

Station manager Gary Robbins defends the decision to run the series and says despite the threats there are no plans to cancel it. “We’ve had hate mail, we’ve had hate phone calls… but there’s no profanity in this show, there’s no indecency, there’s no nudity,” he said.

How “Christian” of these domestic terrorists.


AFA kicks it up a notch on advertisers of ‘Daniel’

The latest hot air from the American Family Association about NBC and its new series “The Book of Daniel,” pardon the expression, blows.

Blender Paul passed along the latest action item from old fart Don Wildmon’s email list, targeting the sponsors that advertised on last Friday’s premiere broadcast — Combe (Just For Men products), Mazda (owned by Ford), H&R; Block, and Burlington Coat Factory.

Gee, after reading this review of the show, I guess I’ll actually try and watch it…

Viewer Says We Were Wrong! Book of Daniel Is Worse Than We Reported!

The Book of Daniel was aired by NBC on Friday night. Several NBC affiliates did not carry the program including those in Beaumont, TX; Tupelo, MS; Meridian, MS, Little Rock, AR; and Terre Haute, IN. In addition, NBC lost several million dollars when advertisers pulled out. NBC ended up selling the time for pennies on the dollar. The review below before sums up the emails we received by those who watched the program.

“I watched the Book of Daniel show on NBC tonight just so I could see if it was as bad as you said. Mr. Wildmon you have it wrong – it was worse than you described. The so called pastor takes drugs, smokes, drinks, takes the Lord’s name in vain. He supports homosexuality and drug use. He broke the law by giving out prescription drugs to a Bishop. Two Bishops were committing adultery. They mis-quoted the Bible. The program portrayed our Savior in a joking way. There was a corrupt Catholic priest. The maid smokes pot. The Bishop drinks, the pastor’s wife is a drunk and her sister is a lesbian and the son is a homosexual. One son sleeps around. I found this program very offensive to my Christian beliefs. They were poking fun at our Savior.”

WBIR in Knoxville invited ministers in to see the program. Here are some of their comments.

Rev. Brian Kearns, minister of Lighthouse Christian Church: “I think it’s very demeaning to Christianity. If this is their view of Christianity, it’s going to be as a joke. It’s an assault on the Christian faith.”

Rev. Tom Seay, pastor Bearden United Methodist Church: “It’s just a pretty sorry piece of work.”

Dale Powers from the Catholic Diocese of Knoxville: “You’re portraying something as normal that is just absurd.”

Rev. John Stuart (no church identified): “Christ is at the center of my worship. What the show has done is demean my faith. You’ve diminished the person I worship…you’ve wounded me.”

These comments are typical of those who watched the first episode. Since the tone and content of the show is now known, call your NBC affiliate and ask them not to carry any more episodes of the program. Very important: Ask your local advertisers to pull their adverting from your NBC affiliate if they continue to air the program.


Click Here to print out the NEW Pass Along sheet. Copy it and pass it out at your church.

Click Here to send a letter to the handful of advertisers who bought ads for pennies on the dollar.

[Folks, you can use the AFA’s petition to send a positive message to the advertisers by changing the text of the email form.]

The advertisers include Combe (Just For Men products), Mazda, H&R; Block, and Burlington Coat Factory.



Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman
American Family Association

The official AFA press release is here.

Contact information for the sponsors, if you want to send a counter message to them, telling them not to cave to extremists like the AFA. Fax and phoning can sometimes be more effective — if they decide the email flood is too much at some point, they’ll just start filtering them out.

Use information from this prior post about the AFA to show them what a fringe organization it is.

Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corporation
Monroe G. Milstein – Chairman, President, and CEO
1830 Rte. 130
Burlington, NJ 08016
Phone: 609-387-7800
Fax: 609-387-7071
Vice-President, Andrew Milstein

Combe, Inc. – Just for Men hair products
Chairman Christopher B. Combe
1101 Westchester Ave.
White Plains, NY 10604
Phone: 914-694-5454
Fax: 914-461-4402
Toll Free: 800-873-7400

H&R; Block, Inc.
Mark Ernst Chairman, President
4400 Main St.
Kansas City, MO 64111
Phone: 816-753-6900
Fax: 816-753-5346
Toll Free: 800-829-7733
1(800) HRBLOCK

Mazda North American Operations
President Jim O’Sullivan
P.O. Box 19734
Irvine, CA 92623-9734
Phone: (949) 223-2300
Fax: (949) 752-2130

* The AFA is going after NBC now
* ‘Book of Daniel’ and NBC under more fire

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