Catching up on some personal stuff

First off a big thank you to Andrea and significant other “J” in Novato for the Paul Motian CD. Absolutely beautiful.

Next- The Casey Update: I haven’t really been responding to the bunch of emails I’ve received because we didn’t know the extent of the damage to her knee…until today. We got the MRI back and it is the ACL so we’re pulling some favors to get her into surgery in a week or two. The rehab guys who have worked on her legs for the past two years are guessing about four to six months of rehab before she plays again. As it is she’s already going in for an hour and a half of treatment three times a week. How fast she gets back is up to her, but she received some additional incentive last week when she was invited to go play in France and Italy for two weeks in late June. She is already scheduled to play in Costa Rica for ten days in mid-July with another team. Both coaches are aware of the situation and are holding a spot open for her.

The rehab guys got her back from her last hamstring tear in less than three weeks, so we’re leaving it in their hands and they will make the call whether she stays or goes.

Lastly, sorry for the lack of blogging this evening but we got new phones and spent the evening figuring out all the new features and stuff. Disregarding my request, the fabulous yet sensible mrs tbogg once again failed to get me the model with the death ray. Sure, I can take pictures and I have a nifty new ringtone (guitar intro to Float On by Modest Mouse) but nothing says “Get out of my goddamn parking space” quite like a cell phone death ray.

Maybe next years model.

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