Harriet Meirs died for our sins

On behalf of all liberals, progressives, centrists, and fans of lawyers who write for Tiger Beat on the side, I want to apologize to Harriet Miers for failing her after we specifically chose her to represent us.

He will be confirmed, though with several fewer votes than John Roberts received. Then, at some point, thoughtful Democrats will wake up to the huge blunder they made with respect to Harriet Miers. They so craved an embarassment for President Bush, they let her twist in the wind as conservative pressure mounted and forced her withdrawal. So instead of a Supreme Court Justice who might become a kind of centrist–a little conservatism here, a little liberalism there–they get Alito, who adds additional firepower to the Roberts-Scalia-Thomas wing. In other words, Miers was probably the very best Democrats could hope for from this administration. Instead of trying to save her nomination, they sat on the sidelines and watched it collapse. The result is before us now. Good news for us, bad news for them.

Just like everything else during this administration, President George Bush had absolutely nothing to do with this. He was probably cutting back brush or something when it happened.

It is entirely our fault.

We are so very sorry.

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