No dick, no vote

Resurrecting ‘up or down‘:

President Bush sent Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito off to his confirmation hearings Monday with best wishes and a demand that senators “give this man a fair vote and an up or down vote.”

Something that was not offered to Harriet Meirs:

Alito was Bush’s second choice to replace O’Connor. White House counsel Harriet Miers withdrew from consideration after conservatives questioned her judicial philosophy and qualifications for the Supreme Court. Democrats also voiced doubts.

And John Cornyn (R-Presidential Water Carrier) is sad sad sad that some Senators refuse to be rubberstamps for the King:

But no matter what Alito says, some Democrats will oppose him, Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, said in his opening statement, a copy of which was obtained by The Associated Press.

“I am reluctantly inclined to the view that you and any other nominee of this president for the Supreme Court start with no more than 13 votes in this committee, and only 78 votes in the full Senate with a solid, immovable and unpersuadable block of at least 22 votes against you, no matter what you say or do,” the statement said.

Well, it does say “advise and consent” and nothing about ‘dissent’ if you want to give it a strict reading….

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