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Gay priest in Louisiana comes out to flock

Wow. A priest in Thibodaux, Louisiana (who has kept his vows of celibacy) decided to come out to the people in his parish in response to Ratzi’s anti-gay policies. May we see more of this continue. (

For years, the Rev. Jim Morrison has counseled Catholic parishioners struggling with their sexual orientation to be honest about it with their loved ones.

On the second day of the new year, Morrison’s desire to practice what he preaches drove him to reveal his own hidden turmoil and acknowledge publicly that, though celibate, he is gay.

…Morrison said he does not intend to resign, as being celibate and gay is not against Catholic doctrine. In an interview, he said he’s not a practicing homosexual and is not in a romantic relationship with anyone.

Louis Aguirre, spokesman for the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux, said Morrison is not being asked to resign, and Bishop Sam G. Jacobs has not mentioned any actions in response to the letter.

…Morrison said he would heartily agree if the Vatican had chosen to exclude from seminary teaching anyone who had broken a vow of celibacy, both homosexual and heterosexual. But to single out homosexual priests for the rule was “very insulting” and cause for concern, he said.

“It seemed they were concerned about the number of gay candidates pursuing the priesthood,” said Morrison. “It was offensive.”

Before the new rules, Morrison said, he considered his orientation a non-issue due to his vows of celibacy, but “it became more of a concern to me because I felt that my silence was not helping the situation.”

If gay priests identified themselves, maybe the church world would realize that homosexual orientation doesn’t hurt their service to the church, Morrison said.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding