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Florida's marriage amendment on the ropes

The wingers are having a hard time rounding up enough signatures for an amendment in Jebbie’s state. They have about 150K of the 600K sigs needed to get the amendment on the ballot.

The wingers, being guided by Falwell‘s legal bootlicker Mathew Staver of Liberty Counsel, are desperately trying to light a fire under the bible-beaters by giving out talking points to pastors and giving out petitions in churches. The umbrella organization for this is called


1) If your church has not collected petitions, please talk with your pastor immediately about doing so in the next 2 weeks. To help you as you talk with your pastor, all of the resources are available on this site in the Pastors Resource Center.

2) Become a Defender of Marriage: Make 10 copies of the petition and get 10 friends or family members to sign the petition this week. Then urge each of those 10 people to also get 10 more people to sign it and mail it in.

3) ATTENTION VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Volunteers are urgently needed during the month of January 2006 to help complete the petition drive. Thousands of petitions from around the state are arriving daily at several Central Florida processing centers. Your help is needed to sort and process the petitions before our deadline. For those who live outside of Central Florida, help is needed with conducting phone banks. Sign up to help in the JOIN US tab of this site or call 407-251-5130 or e-mail

Here is an example of one of the “pastor resources” on the web site — talking points to spew from the pulpit.

Top ten talking points about same sex marriage
By John Stemberger
President and general counsel, Florida Family Policy Council, Inc.

1) Collective wisdom-all the collective wisdom of human history, not to mention biology, logic and common sense shows us that marriage is designed to be between a man and a woman.

2) Creating same sex families-when you create a same sex marriage you are also creating a same sex family, and so the question now becomes what is in the best interests of children

3) Social experiment-same sex marriage subjects children to a vast untested social experiment

4) Socializing children-children need to grow up understanding the proper human relationships between a man and woman, a mother and father, and a husband and wife

5) Dads and moms matter-children need both a mother and a father. The two most loving moms can not be a dad and the two most loving dads can not be a mom and children need both

6) The research is clear-the research is crystal clear, children always do better in families with a mother and a father

7) Loving and civilized societies-a loving and civilized society always comes to the aid of fatherless and motherless families. But a loving and civilized society never intentionally creates fatherless and motherless families as a matter of law and public policy

8) If marriage means anything-if marriage can mean anything then marriage means nothing

9) Relationship buffet-no society ancient or modern has ever sustained itself with a buffet like mentality when it comes to marriage and family

10) Slippery slope-establishing same sex marriage as a fundamental right will undermine current polygamy laws and create a new legal precedent for anything goes forms of marriage

* much credit for many of these themes goes to the outstanding work of Glenn Stanton with Focus on the Family

How about some of the sample sermons to help ministers in spreading word about the imminent threat of the homos on each and every marriage…

Sample Sermons:

The Safety of Natural Order, Same-Sex “Marriage” is an Injustice to Children by Rev. Ken Hutcherson, Antioch Bible Church

Graphic: Mike Tidmus

[Hey remember Ken? He was the homo-bigot who planned a boycott of $30+ billion dollar Microsoft if it supported an anti-discrimination bill in Washington State. ]

Standing Up for Truth and Justice for Children  Daniel 3; Ephesians 6:11-13 By Michael A. Snyder, Esq. Senior Vice President of Prison Fellowship, in charge of the Wilberforce Forum

God’s Design for Marriage and Family  By Dr. John Guest, Senior Pastor, Christ Church at Grove Farm<

Taking a Stand for Marriage By Rev. Jon Rogers, Pastor on Staff, Florida Family Policy Council (with accompanying Power Point presentation)

I didn’t bother checking out the Powerpoint presentation. If you all want to take a look and report back on the predictably nauseating homophobic dreck likely in there, feel free.

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