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The L Word tackles transgender storyline this season

I’m looking forward to seeing the new season of Showtime’s The L Word, which starts on Sunday. It will be interesting to see how they tackle a trans storyline (FTM). The only reservation I have is that the character will be interacting with the character everyone hates, the horrible bi chick Jenny (Mia Kirshner).

Jenny spent the first season f*cking her boyfriend/husband, figuring out how to boink a woman, writing bad poetry and communing with manatees with her pretentious bullsh*t musings superimposed on the screen. Season two saw her cut her hair, cut herself, boink more chicks, have weird childhood flashbacks, move in with the popular character Shane McCutheon (Katherine Moenning, what a great actress) and spend time in an S&M; dungeon. You got the feeling the writers were trying to make the viewers feel sorry for Jenny so we’d like her. Uh, no. She still sucks.

Anyway, Southern Voice has a good article on the L Word goings-on for 2006.

But the most prominent addition to the cast is Daniela Sea as Moira, a butch lesbian who Jenny (Mia Kirshner) befriends when living at her parents’ house in the Midwest. Jenny brings Moira back to Los Angeles.

Without giving too much away, Moira eventually decides to make the transition to become a man.

Series executive producer and writer Chaiken (l) with Daniela Sea. Photo: Beth Karpfinger

“The transgender story for us is a big story,” Chaiken says. “In our group [of writers], we had a number of women who had exes who were now men or becoming men and going through the permutations of gender redefinition.”

Chaiken says the most difficult aspect of the story was finding an actress who was believable in the role.

“I was aware that it could be gruesome if we cast someone you didn’t believe,” she says. “On the occasions when Hollywood decides to do trans stories, it can be really bad. Having lived in a community and known lots of transgender people, we know there are certain things we look for in mannerism and voice, and I wanted it to be real. Daniella was the one person who I absolutely believed in this part.”

Check out the rest of the article, which also features details on NBC’s The Book of Daniel.


A really good show, while we’re talking about transgender issues, is the documentary series Transgeneration, which airs on Sundance. I blogged about it here, when Kate and I got to see a preview during the NC Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. We had the good fortune to have one of the young people in the doc, T.J., there at the festival to do a Q&A; after the screening.

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