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Kos wants us to retire the term MSM and replace it with traditional media. I’m good with that. Traditional Media (LA Times):

[Abramoff] also showed an interest in charitable organizations. Concerned about the quality of Jewish education in the Washington area, he founded an Orthodox school and sent two of his children there.

Traditional Media (Steno Sue, Washington Post):

He was a generous patron in his Orthodox Jewish community, starting a boys’ religious school in Maryland.

Blogger (Roger Ailes):

Abramoff founded a school involved in money laundering; one that stiffed its employees (who Jackoff calls ingrates) and its creditors and screwed its tuition-paying students out of a diploma. What a mensch.

Now it’s true that among the variety of sources Roger used were those considered "traditional media." The point is he took the trouble to dig through readily available public sources and didn’t simply accept the mindless partisan gibberish of extremely dubious authority (as did the employees of two of the largest "traditional media" organizations in the country). It ought to give them something to discuss it at the next blogger ethics panel, anyway.

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