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Scooter Gets His Wingnut Welfare

libby_nightmare.jpgNow that he’s cut off from all communication with his bedwetting, warmongering buddies at the White House, nobody wants Scooter sitting home all alone and gettin’ hinky. Gawd forbid he get a wee bit paranoid and decide to have a chin wag with Patrick Fitzgerald. So the powers that be have arranged for Scooter to pick up a little wingnut welfare and a new bevy of bedwetting, warmongering friends.

He’s now assigned to the Hudson Institute, which might as well be a 12 Step Program for Those Awaiting Indictment by Patrick Fitzgerald, including Marie-Josee Kravis and Richard Perle in the Hollinger affair. Fitzgerald had previoiusly indicted boardmember Conrad Black, who seems to be on leave of absence from the institute now that he’s already a proud recipient.

The Hudson Institute is financed by such civic minded individuals as the Scaifes, the Coors’ and the Waltons. And they must needs have Scooter because he is So Damn Valuable as an expert on Asia and the War on Terra.

And because silence is golden.

Update: Over at DKos Lobezno calls the Hudson Institute, asks them if they intend to hire Jack Abramoff next and winds up on the no-fly list.

(graphic by Monk at Inflatable Dartboard)

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Jane Hamsher

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