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Homo-bigot pastor who offered a BJ to an undercover male cop resigns

Anti-gay pastor Lonnie Latham has stepped down as minister of his church, following his arrest for “pastoring to police“… er, offering up a blow job to a cop in a notorious pick-up area in Oklahoma City. Here is the statement from South Tulsa Baptist Church.

He also resigned from the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma and the Southern Baptist Convention.

In his official letter of resignation to the BGCO, he only cited personal reasons for his decision to resign.

“We are deeply saddened by the recent events regarding Lonnie. We continue to be concerned for South Tulsa Baptist Church and the Latham family. We pray Lonnie will find healing and restoration as he seeks help for the issues he faces,” said Heidi B. Wilburn, spokeswoman for the BGCO. “Lonnie’s resignation has been accepted without the BGCO Board of Directors having to take initiative regarding the matter. Lonnie also indicated he has resigned from the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention.”

I decided to wade into Freeperland to see what laughable defenses or damnation awaited Latham, and I found both. We have “the bitch set me up” defense, and multiple “burn him at the stake” comments.

Actual Freeper Quotes™

“Maybe he was reciting the 23rd psalm to the man and there was some confusion about what exactly was meant by “thy rod and thy staff”……”

“If he’s convicted and has to do any time, he might find out what the rod and the staff is.”

“If it is true, hold him to the fire. Unlike liberals who want to lower standards, I’m all for raising the standards.”

“Hey, some people are hypocrites. But some people do get set up. Or, there have been some misunderstanding in the conversation between the two, with each hearing what he expected to. Or the police officer might have gotten offended by the ministering, and being a Democrat had no qualms about trying to destroy someone’s life. Or, maybe the complaint is valid. But I’ll give the accused the benefit of the doubt until the evidence comes in.”

The Gay Mafia at work. He was set up. The story doesn’t even begin to pass the smell test.”

“Wouldn’t it have made more sense for him to say he was ministering to prostitutes?”

“Unless he has a very odd definition of “ministering.” :)”

“I’m just saying, if you wanted to minister to police, where would you look for them? Look for a bunch of prostitutes and wait for ’em to show up? Seems iffy to me. But now he knows where the precinct is located and maybe he did some ministering while there.”

“The folks that say that aren’t Biblical Scholars. They’re faggots in the cloth trying to rot the institution from the inside.”

“What exactly is lacking in the story. From everything I have heard about the Habana Inn you are only there for one reason and it ain’t sleeping.”

“Was money involved, or was this simply asking a willing participant (or in this case, someone pretending to be willing) to later engage in private sex? If it’s the latter, then this doesn’t sit right with me. It sounds like an infringement of basic rights of speech and association.”

This is why I don’t think I’m completely crazy when I wonder about some of the people on FR who seem to have the most energy for homophobia.”

“PUH-LEEZE lay off the nonsensical “phobic” tag. Classic liberal tactic: If you don’t approve of something, you must be afraid of it, enough so in fact to warrant a mental health kind of label. Here’s reality: There’s absolutely nothing wrong with disapproving of homosexual behavior. Even if you take a purely secular view and ignore the moral aspects, it’s quite possibly the most destructive behavior on the planet. It’s that behavior that is worthy of a mental health label, not disapproval thereof. As for this pastor, if he’s guilty, he’s a hypocrite, but also remember that Christians don’t claim to be perfect. Just forgiven. If he did it, he needs help and I hope he gets it. If he was set up, I hope his name is cleared.”

“hey, at least he wasn’t engaged in ‘tribal gaming’ !”

“A minister with a 2005 Mercedes? Not only does this NOT sound like a setup it sounds like it is true.”

“If he was set up, I hope his name is cleared. If he did it, he knew very well what he was doing, and he needs to confess it and repent…not claim to be “pastoring”. The “help” he needs can only come after that.”

“Are we to always disbelieve the police because they are always corrupt and Southern Baptist pastors are known to never lie?”

How does someone get “set up” when HE’s the one asking another male to visit his happy place? Latham didn’t deny he made the request. He wants us to believe he somehow was manipulated into asking for something he wouldn’t ordinarily ask for.”

Apparently Latham has a history of “pastoring” in the area of the Habanna Inn, the “Southwest’s largest gay resort”. Public records show that on December 2, 1998, at about 11:30pm, Latham was issued a traffic ticket for “failure to stop for a stop sign” at NW 39th and Frankford. This intersection is only blocks from where Latham was arrested and serves as rear access (no pun intended) to the Habanna Inn.”

“How did he know the cop was a cop, when he was undercover and posing as a prostitute? The pastor is full of ****, he tried to pay for a lewinsky from a man and got busted and now he’s in panic CYA mode.”

My earlier post on Latham’s Big Boys Night Out is here.

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