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'Christians' for torture

Doing it the AgapePress way…we on the left just don’t get it. Torture is good — and effective. Since this news clip is appearing on the American Family Association’s news organ, one has to assume this is A-OK with them.

A former military attache to President Bill Clinton says Senator John McCain and many on the left do not seem to understand the difference between coercive interrogation and real torture when it comes to trying to get information from dangerous terrorists.

Retired Air Force Lt. Colonel Buzz Patterson is concerned about the recent decision by President Bush to support Senator McCain’s amendment for banning “cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment of prisoners.” Patterson insists that what the U.S. military does is not torture. He says, “Coercive interrogation has to be a tool that we have, especially with terrorists. Really, all it amounts to is making that person uncomfortable for a period of time until he will talk.”

The former U.S. Air Force pilot notes that, during his military service, he had to go through prisoner of war training and he and fellow trainees “were all subject to coercive interrogation by people simulating being our captors … so I had that done to me, personally. And I will tell you, none of it leaves any aftereffects. There’s no physical damage, no mental damage.” Patterson believes it is a terrible move by the U.S. government to let terrorists know what American military personnel will and will not do to them as prisoners.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding