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Why does sh*t like this keep happening?

Shakes Sis has yet another example of the real depravity in our culture — and it isn’t the homos, you wingers out there. How about this — in Vermont, a repeat rapist receives a 60-day jail sentence.

There was outrage Wednesday when a Vermont judge handed out a 60-day jail sentence to a man who raped a little girl many, many times over a four-year span starting when she was seven.

The judge said he no longer believes in punishment and is more concerned about rehabilitation. Prosecutors argued that confessed child-rapist Mark Hulett, 34, of Williston deserved at least eight years behind bars for repeatedly raping a little girl countless times starting when she was seven.

But Judge Edward Cashman disagreed explaining that he no longer believes that punishment works.

The one message I want to get through is that anger doesn’t solve anything. It just corrodes your soul,” said Judge Edward Cashman speaking to a packed Burlington courtroom.

I assume then that the good judge would be equally compassionate and charitable if his own child was the subject of repeated brutal rapes by a perverted beast like Hulett.

Even more offensive is the fact that rapists and molesters high have a recidivism rate yet the Vermont Department of Corrections considers a low-life, sick SOB like Hulett “a low-risk for re-offense.” Shakes Sis nails it:

What the hell kind of bullshit classifications system do they have, that someone who’s spent three years repeatedly raping a child is considered “low-risk” for re-offending? That’s completely absurd, and indicative of such a grave misunderstanding of sex offenders that it defies comprehension.

If rehabilitation is going to be made available for sex offenders, I can’t imagine why this piece of shit doesn’t qualify. It certainly raises some serious questions about how victims of sex abuse are valued, or, perhaps more accurately, not valued.

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