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Blender Bruce sent me a link to a Mallard Fillmore comic up that slams Brokeback. Actually, that would be giving it too much credit because it’s not even funny, just dumb, garden-variety homophobia. All the great laughs you’d think a winger could get at the expense of a homo film, and this dork doesn’t have the stones to publish anything even a ‘phobe could laugh at. From The WOW Report:

Alan Light sends us this Mallard Fillmore strip with this note: “Bruce Tinsley’s Mallard Fillmore is a right-wing comic strip that is syndicated by King Features in 400 newspapers (our local Cedar Rapids Gazette runs it to give ‘balance’ to Doonesbury). Today’s Mallard Fillmore takes a slap at Brokeback Mountain. As usual, it’s not not funny or clever, just dumb.” (Tell the duck:

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Pam Spaulding