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A Grieving Walmart Speaks

Got this from the apologists for Walmart:

Good evening. I work for Edelman in Washington, DC on behalf of Wal-Mart. I noticed that you blogged about the incident earlier, I wanted to make sure you got WMT’s statement as soon as possible and were aware that the problem is being fixed as we speak. And as John Aravosis just wrote on AmericaBlog, this is most definitely a mistake and nothing sinister. ( 2006/01/about-that-wal-mart-story.html) If can answer any questions, please let me know. I would only add one thing to the statement: with a site as big as, it has hundreds of servers that any changes that are made must be replicated across.

Wonder why they don’t include a link to Steve Gillard’s post. Probably just a mapping error.

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