They don’t like it when someone slaps back

The LA Times Michael Hiltzik smacks Patterico across the snout with a rolled-up copy of the Times and Patterico goes all whiney-ass-baby:

You know you’ve arrived when an L.A. Times columnist compares you to a dishonest, totalitarian Stalinist apparatchik.

On his L.A. Times-sponsored blog, Times columnist Michael Hiltzik assails me in two posts that insult me personally, question my motives for criticizing his paper, and purport to expose errors in my recent Year in Review post.

Hiltzik sets the tone in the first post, in which he calls my entire post “propaganda,” compares me and other conservative critics of his paper to Stalinists (no, really! read on for the direct quotes), and says that I do not appear to be “genuinely interested in correcting factual errors” or otherwise improving the paper’s performance.

Go read Hiltzik’s responses (here and here). He pretty much diagrams out the way that attack poodles&#153* like Patrick Frey dba Patterico operate.

*(A James Wolcott trademark)

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