Check it out now, Funk Soul Brother…

The President flashes back to his days when he was “fighting the man” and by that I don’t mean the time he drunkenly challenged his dad to fight.

After he just sort of wandered away from military service, Bush’s partying lifestyle resumed with a vengeance and it continued to cause him trouble. According to a friend, he and George spent a lot of their free time boozing it up at parties:

“We did drink… we drank what people gave us to drink… And if we went to a party and they were serving liquor, then we would drink it, and we would drink it until it was gone.”

Sometime around Christmas in 1972, George drove home drunk with his teenaged brother Marvin and plowed into a neighbor’s garbage can. When daddy said he wanted to have a talk, George tried to pick a fight with his old man, challenging him to go a few rounds “mano a mano” outside.

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