I, for one, welcome our homophobic rapist overlords

In a further effort to mainstream himself into the conservative movement, the Gay Patriot pushes for a new kind of equality:

Our pal Chad at Cake or Death? has an interesting post today about plans at the Rikers Island prison to replace its “gay dorm” with a new “system that will protect any inmate who feels threatened. While a number of left-wing groups, two of them gay, protested, this seems like a good plan to me. I always thought that the goal of the gay and lesbian movement should be to integrate us into society rather than create separate institutions where we would live apart from our straight peers.

Provided that the safety concerns of gay and lesbian inmates are met, shouldn’t prisons treat gay and lesbian convicts the same as straight prisoners? The Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, the New York Civil Liberties Union and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force think otherwise. These groups have written Department of Correction Commissioner Martin Horn asking him to “reconsider” his plan to shut down the prison’s dormitory for gay and transgender prisoners.

If some gay and lesbian people really do want to live in their separate enclaves, they should, of course, be allowed to do so. But, before breaking the law, these inmates should have considered that their behavior would likely deprive them of that option.

Of course the Gay Patriot is willing to take his pal Chad’s word for this which saves him from actually having to read the article that Chad links to, so he may have passed over this part:

The unit, reserved for prisoners in pretrial detention, opened on the city’s island prison complex in the late 1970s to assuage complaints about abusive treatment of homosexuals. It has space for 146 prisoners but was holding 126 when it began emptying on November 28.(my emphasis)

I see we’re using the new improved Bush model of justice at all levels these days.

Punish, then convict. It’s gay approved.

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