Somehow I missed this on Entertainment Tonight

Great News!

Jason Apuzzo’s Libertas has joined Pajamas Media in a merger of convenience allowing PJM or OSM (or whatever they are called this week) to offer a full array of film reviews to readers who are put off by Michael Medved and his smarty-pants actually-saw-the-movie know-it-all-isms:

The Liberty Film Festival is proud to announce that actor Robert Davi (“Profiler,” License to Kill), producer Scott Gardenhour (Pearl Harbor, Armageddon) and author/columnist James Hirsen (Hollywood Nation, Tales From the Left Coast) have joined the Liberty Film Festival Board of Advisors. The Liberty Film Festival is also proud to announce that its popular and influential film blog LIBERTAS has joined Pajamas Media, the new blogger consortium created by Roger L. Simon and Charles Johnson.

The Liberty Film Festival Board of Advisors brings a wealth of experience in film, television, media, and philanthropy to L.A.’s most cutting-edge film festival, and already includes (in alphabetical order): Stephen K. Bannon, Co-Chairman of Genius Products (distributor of films under the Weinstein Co., Wellspring, AMC & Sundance Channel labels), actress Morgan Brittany (“Dallas,” “Melrose Place”), philanthropist Paul Harberger (President, Foundation for Free Markets), film critic and national talk show host Michael Medved (“The Michael Medved Show,” Right Turns), and award-winning producer Douglas Urbanski (The Contender, Nil By Mouth).

It’s like DreamWorks SKG but without the money, power, vision, and talent.

But they do have mousepads.

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