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Talking to Sammy

What’s Bush saying to the future Strip-Search Sammy Alito?

The photo of four-year-old Sammy was released to the media by his mother, 90-year-old Rose Alito, who also let the cat out of the bag in October when she said: “Of course, he’s against abortion.” Up until that point Sammy was trying to fly under the radar like John Roberts.


It’s also an open thread and blogwhoring opportunity for you all.

Some read ’ems:

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* Joseph of Hughes for America has an update on the war on Barbie.

* The Heretik says it’s Kool Aid Time for Scotty

* Bob Geiger has a list of U.S. Senators Who Made Us Proud in 2005

* D. at Shakes Sis on yet another Bush crony nominated for a position that they are completely unqualified for.

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