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Workers in the United States ought to be comforted by Strip Search Sammy’s opinions…erm…well, maybe not so much.

Looks like Alito will be answering questions on a lot more than just his positions on executive power (warning: audio file from NPR) during his confirmation hearings. I know I’ll look forward to hearing some of his answers.

Is it too much to hope that the tough questions will actually be asked? Let alone that answers will not only be expected but demanded if Alito tries to side-step them? Guess we’ll see, but I’m certainly expecting that Senators do their job and advise and consent, and don’t just spend the hearing listening to the sound of themselves talking.

No rubber stamping — it’s too damned important when you consider this is a lifetime appointment. And especially given the stakes with this Administration and its merry band of cronies. Tough questions deserve answers — we deserve at least that much from the Senate Judiciary Committee and from Alito. And we’ll take nothing less.

UPDATE: Julia, guest blogging for Digby, has more on the Alito dissent wherein he called for fewer mine safety regulations. And some information about the Administration’s non record on mining safety issues.  They make a well-matched pair. Here’s hoping the Senate decides not to go for the set.

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Christy Hardin Smith

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