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Bob Knight on the new gay math

He’s losing it again: “Clearly, the homosexual movement’s effort to recruit children has never been stronger than it is now.”

He’s still obsessing about the Time article on gay teens that came out back in October. This week he’s squealing that the Homosexual AgendaTM is responsible for imposing our “lifestyle” on nearly every subject taught in school. He hasn’t called for an exodus from the public schools yet like Combover Cal, but I imagine he should if we homos have completely infiltrated the institution. (AgapePress):

With children returning to school in the new year all across the U.S., a pro-family activist says every American parent needs to read a recent Time Magazine article. Over the Christmas holiday period, Time included a feature story on the battle over homosexual teens. Bob Knight of the Culture and Family Institute (CFI) found the article revealing.

This article exposes the lengths to which homosexuals activists are going to promote their agenda to school kids, even as young as elementary school,” he says. And the pro-family spokesman claims these activists’ strategy includes a series of special events as well as regular classes.

“It’s not just in the sex education or the AIDS education anymore. They’re injecting it into the history curriculum, social studies — one school even injected it into math by asking gay-themed questions that had to do with math principles,” he says. Knight contends that the education establishment, by and large, has bought into the idea that people are born homosexual and that their orientation cannot be changed, so they believe they should begin discussing homosexuality with kids and affirming the “gay lifestyle” as early as possible.

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