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Now that twelve of the thirteen miners in West Virginia have been pulled to safety* it’s an appropriate moment for me to make my annual plug for my favorite novel of all time. I didn’t say it was the best novel of all time, just my favorite. (The best would be One Hundred Years of Solitude. You can debate that in the comments.)

The Origin of the Brunists
, which uses a mine disaster as a starting point, foresaw the culture we are now soaking in (the Schiavo media and religion circus comes to mind) in much the same way that the film Network foresaw the age of cable and Ruppert Murdoch.

Here’s a good review from 1966.

Trust me on this one. Think of it as the Tbogg Book Club.

(Added) *This went up as I was going to bed:

Only one survivor of mine accident, sources say. More to come…

From Drudge:

Family members report that 11 of the 12 coal miners who were initially thought to have survived an explosion in a coal mine have died. The sole survivor is hospitalized.

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