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Today's 'I'm not sh*tting you' item

Mike Rogers at BlogActive came across some really unhinged crap. Where do you even start with something like this — a gay white supremacist. From SF IndyMedia:

What is amazing about Bill White is despite the homophobic nature of white supremacy, he’s gay. He attended dozens of gay rallies, was an active member of GLAAD, and various other gay groups while at the University of Maryland.

…”I personally don’t like most leftist activists as people — they are usually neurotic, confused, and psychologically damaged, which explains the hate they spew everywhere, he wrote. “In contrast, I find that most right-wing leaning activists, though obviously not all, are more pleasant, more intelligent, more personally successful, and more interested in truth over substance.”

Spoken like a true Nazi. Everything he said is the exact thing that white supremacists say to justify themselves. Even his position on African-Americans (he says he is anti-racist, and think blacks have the same potential for civilized behavior as whites–implying African-Americans are not civilized) is on the same page as the Nazis he loves to hang with.

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