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Somehow, this seems like old news

The Washington Blade is reporting that the author of a new bio of Laurence Olivier, Terry Coleman, confirmed that the actor was bisexual, though there’s no confirmation of the long-standing rumors about a sexual relationship between Sir Larry and Danny Kaye. Olivier was married to Vivien Leigh and later Joan Plowright. It was actually Plowright that first claimed the Olivier/Kaye affair occurred.

He considered various reports that Olivier was bisexual. One biography printed after his death alleged that Olivier “was deeply involved in a homosexual affair with Danny Kaye.”

“This sort of thing is very difficult to check,” Coleman said in the interview. “I did check it and talked to a number of people. In this mountain of material in the archives I could not find a hint of an affair with Danny Kaye. His third wife (Joan Plowright) had no inkling of it, and I believe her.

“What I did find was evidence of a homosexual affair in 1937 with an actor called Henry Ainley. He was a big name of the 1910s and 1920s. I’m not sure this is a terribly important thing. It’s there and it’s a fact and therefore I report it.”

You can read more about the book, Olivier, here.

Hat tip, PageOneQ.

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