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Please god, no.

Kerry Positioned for ’08 White House Bid. Someone please tell the man he doesn’t have a rat’s ass chance.

The Massachusetts Democrat, defeated by Bush in 2004, insists it is far too early to talk about the 2008 race, but some analysts assume he has already positioning himself for another shot at the White House.

“Obviously, Kerry has all but said he wants another crack at the thing,” said Neal Thigpen, a political science professor at South Carolina’s Francis Marion University. “He’s going to make a second try.”

…”He’s continuing the fight he began in 2004,” said Kerry spokesman David Wade. “He wants to make it very clear he’s a fighter who is going to continue to fight for his agenda.” [Did he ever get his agenda across? That was part of the problem.]

He believes in his heart and soul that he came just a whisker away from being president,” said Ronald Kaufman, a veteran GOP operative with Massachusetts roots.

…”He is going to have a difficult time overcoming his last campaign and explaining to the party regulars how and why he lost,” said Dan Payne, a longtime Democratic consultant and former Kerry strategist. “There’s only so much that the Democrats can blame on (senior Bush adviser) Karl Rove.”

Unless there is a cojones transplant in his organization, there isn’t anything Kerry can offer. He also suffered mightily from a patrician Northeasterner image that turned off a lot of voters. He just wasn’t likeable enough. And, sorry to say, the brain-dead sheeple electorate was willing to re-elect an affable dunce, despite all the warning signs that he and his crew are a bunch of sociopaths.

At the very least the Dems can put up a brain with broad appeal and a willingness to fight back against the Rove machine.

UPDATE: Holly pointed to Joe Gandleman’s spot-on entry over at The Moderate Voice. He’s equally mortified at the prospect of a 2008 Kerry run.

The problems with Kerry running again are multifold:

(1) His campaign was one of the most poorly-run in recent memory — almost as hugely bungled as the campaign of Former Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis’.

(2) He started out being charisma-challenged and got better but it was always hard to find people truly enthusiastic about John Kerry: he was more the anti-Bush candidate and if he had won it would have been due to his improved performance at the end of the campaign and for being a viable Bush alternative.

(3) He showed poor personal judgment in some of his staffing choices and a political Pollyanna streak by seemingly not being prepared to face an effort to discredit his military record when he tried to pitch his military service as an asset. If his folks were touting it so loudly, didn’t it enter into their heads that the GOPers would move heaven and earth (and talk-radio and blogs) to knock it down? Was the way that was handled an example of the kind of contingency planning we would have seen on foreign policy in the White House?

To many Americans (including Democrats and independents), John Kerry running again would be akin to being forced to watch uncut videos of all of Al Gore’s 2000 Presidential debate performances.

Amen, brother. It would be torture.

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