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LaBarbera on Illinois' new anti-discrimination laws

Illinois’ new law will be a boon for homosexual activist lawyers. Across the country, “gay” advocates place their “orientation” above the freedom of conscience of others who disagree with homosexuality.”
— Peter LaBarbera, executive director of the Illinois Family Institute

Our friend Peter has his knickers-in-a-twist again, this time in a response to the addition of sexual orientation to the state’s anti-discrimination laws — protecting the rights of homosexuals is “dangerous” because his followers are now going to be persecuted. The law, by the way, took effect at the first of the year, so Petey’s predicting a flood of lawsuits against the bible beaters by the proponents of the Homosexual AgendaTM.

While most media pundits laud its enactment, they ignore the implications of basing civil rights on changeable, wrong, and unhealthy sexual behavior. Homosexuality-unlike skin color–is not a basis for civil rights. There are thousands of ex-“gays”; there are no ex-African Americans or ex-Hispanics.

…Several college Christian ministries that deny leadership posts to homosexuals because they believe homosexual behavior is sinful have been forced to fight charges of “discrimination” – thanks to campus “sexual orientation” codes similar to Illinois’ new law. In Canada, Christians who live out their Biblical beliefs have racked up huge legal bills defending themselves against “sexual orientation discrimination.”

Homosexual lobbyists cry tolerance but they really don’t respect peoples’ religious beliefs. If they did, would they demonize opponents of “gay marriage” as “rank bigots,” to quote one top homosexual activist in our state? [Ummmm….because they ARE bigots…]

But it’s not just about normalizing homosexuality. Illinois now becomes one of just seven states that provide special legal “rights” based on “transgendered” behavior. Thus the law will also be used to force businesses and even religious-based groups to accommodate extreme gender confusion-e.g., a male maitre ‘d at a restaurant who informs his employer that henceforth he will be coming to work dressed as a woman.

To preserve freedom in Illinois, we need to repeal this bad law, or at least start amending it by removing its most onerous provisions that threaten people of faith or anyone who opposes homosexual behavior.

He needs to calm down, perhaps go back and do some more undercover leather research to clear his mind. Event packages are on sale now for the 2006 IML, Peter — better hurry:

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* Letter from Peter LaBarbera

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