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Justice Sunday III's tokens

Ready to spew on January 8: Daddy Dobson, Dr. Alveda C. King, Bishop Wellington Boone (The Father’s House), Tony Perkins (Family Research Council), Rev. Herbert Lusk (Greater Exodus Baptist Church), Senator Little Ricky Santorum, Rev. Tinkywinky

Justice Sunday III – “Proclaim Liberty Throughout the Land” will be held on Sunday, January 8 2006. It’s the scintillating follow-up to “Justice Sunday II – God Save the United States and this Honorable Court.”

One day before the Senate begins confirmation hearings on Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito, conservatives will gather in Philadelphia for another “Justice Sunday,” hoping to put the spotlight once again on socially liberal court rulings.

They hope to “educate people of faith on how the judiciary impacts their lives and to show how activist judges seek to end all mention of God in the public square.”

As you can see, the AmTaliban has its splash of color up there for the big shindig, all prominently featured on the web site. Sadly, one of them is the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Alveda C. King. She and the civil rights leader’s daughter Bernice are homo-bigots (Coretta Scott King, his widow is a strong supporter of gay rights). Alveda has been quoted as sayingBernice says herself that she knows deep within that her father did not march and did not take a bullet for same-sex marriage.”

Herb Lusk is another pastor at the faith-based trough. He had his coffers filled with a cool million by the Administration to run faith-based initiatives, and he gave the invocation at the 2000 Republican convention. Lusk called Bush’s 2004 win “a great victory.”

Wellington Boone came and soiled the Tar Heel State with FRC’s Tony Perkins and our buddy from Concerned Women for America, Bob Knight, appearing at a “Traditional Marriage Rally” on last May in support of a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage and civil unions. Thankfully the gathering was a flop and the bill died in committee.

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