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Cal Thomas: yank kids out of public schools

If we can’t have Intelligent Design, then pull those tykes out, says Combover Cal. See ya, fundies…

A conservative columnist claims the recent federal court decision to bar the teaching of theory of intelligent design in the Dover Area School District in Pennsylvania is yet another reason why parents should get their kids out of public schools.

Columnist Cal Thomas says the ruling should awaken religious conservatives to the futility of trying to make a secular state reflect their beliefs. He contends that, since the 1960s — when prayer and Bible reading were effectively outlawed in public school classrooms — too many people have wasted too much time and money trying to get these spiritual disciplines and a lot of other positive things restored in the schools.

Thomas says many parents who would never send their kids to a Sunday school that teaches false doctrine are content to place those same kids in state schools five days a week where they are taught doctrines and ideas in conflict with their faith. According to the columnist, rulings like that regarding the Dover Area schools should persuade parents who have been waffling on this issue to join the growing exodus from state schools to private or home school environments where their religious values are supported.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding