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Now he asks for input:

It will be an unusual sight on Thursday in the Roosevelt Room of White House, and deliberately so: President Bush will engage in a consultation of sorts with a bipartisan collection of former secretaries of state and defense.

Among them will be several who have left little doubt that they think Mr. Bush has dangerously mishandled Iraq, ignored other looming crises, and put critical alliances at risk.

The meeting was called by the White House, which sent out invitations just before Christmas to everyone who once held those jobs.

The invitees were told that they were being asked to attend a briefing on Iraq and other issues. It was unclear, one recipient said, “how interested they are in what we are thinking.”

I predict a lot of concerned nodding and note-taking followed by a photo-op. Commentators and apologists will note that George Bush is “reaching out”. Then George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld will retire to the Oval Office where they’ll laugh and make jerk-off motions with closed fists until Cheney grabs his chest and starts flopping on the floor like a landed trout. The Secret Service will then show up with the CheneyMaster 3000&#153 and defib him back from the light.

Then Condi will serve the pudding.

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