I Should Get Paid Overtime For This

Can we all agree to chip in and get a babysitter for John Hinderaker? In my previous post he assumes that the NSA leakers must surely be Democrats because, well, he’s The Hindrocket and he’s brought down Dan Rather, and he’s never wrong even though he is. A lot. Bunches. And now, here he goes again:

An hour ago, Howard Dean sent an email to the Democrat faithful that links the NSA leak scandal to President Bush’s nomination of Judge Sam Alito. Of course, in Dean’s eyes, it’s not the leak that is the scandal:

We now know that George Bush personally ordered American intelligence services to spy on American citizens without the consent of any court and repeatedly directed officials to take actions that explicitly violated the law.

Really? How do we know that? What actions violated the law? What law? Dean, of course, never makes a legal argument, but assumes that his audience has been properly warmed up by the New York Times, and won’t question his assertions.


There is simply no depth to which Howard Dean and the Democratic Party will not sink. First they commit a felony by leaking crucial intelligence information to the enemy; then they try to take advantage of their leak to slander one of the most highly qualified Supreme Court nominees in modern history. What a party!(my emphasis)

Excuse me while I slip into my Rocketman Tighty-Whities of Outrage&#153.


Really? How do we know that? Which Democrats? How exactly was the information crucial since only a nut of the wingiest sort would bother to act surprised that the NSA was tapping phones while deflecting from what is the real story: the fact that this was done without warrants because it was inconvenient for the administration even though they were provided with a grace period. Hindrocket, of course, never provides one shred of evidence that it was someone from the Democratic party who did the leaking and assumes that his audience is dumber than a sack of Jonahs so they won’t question his assertions because they think that he is a very smart man regardless of the fact that he personally chose the single most homoerotic nickname ever selected by a putative straight male, which only goes to prove that they are dumber than a sack of Jonahs…

If that is possible.

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