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Spokane diocese found some money under the mattress

After crying broke and whining that it would have to declare bankruptcy and sell church property to pay out settlements for the abuse that it allowed to occur while it shuffled pedophile priests around, the diocese of Spokane experienced a miracle from above. Somehow, as Blender Paul emailed me, God came through for them, and if not God, then the parishioners will just pick up the tab. (Olympian Online):

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Spokane has proposed a new plan that would increase payouts to alleged victims of priest sex abuse and resolve its thorny bankruptcy case. The plan reveals that the diocese may have $57.5 million available without selling any church property. That’s double its initial estimate, The (Spokane) Spokesman-Review reported for a story in Saturday editions.

Diocese attorney Greg Arpin called the new estimate a “best case scenario” that anticipates successful litigation against insurers. He said that would boost the payout to victims from about $15 million to $45 million.

The plan, proposed Friday, also includes what the diocese hopes will be a simple and successful claim against a Catholic society called the Sulpicians, which trains clergy.

Patrick O’Donnell, a former priest who was trained by the society and worked for the diocese from 1971 until he was removed in 1985, has admitted molesting more than a dozen boys.

…The diocese has proposed selling and leasing back the chancery and other property that the diocese clearly owns. That money, along with insurance proceeds, would be put into the trust right away. If that money is disbursed, the diocese would ask its parishioners — the 97,000 Catholics in Eastern Washington — for money.

If that isn’t enough and the diocese loses its appeals, then it may be forced to consider selling churches, schools and other properties.

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