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Canadian bible beaters ready to head South

“I believe it so much that I think we need to vote for members of Parliament who will defend that institution and will not allow for the re-altering, the redefinition, the reconfiguration of it, and to me, that is essential to who I am as a Christian and as a Canadian. It’s a Canadian virtue, it’s a Canadian institution.”
Reverend Tristan Emmanuel, wingnut Ontario minister, wailing about the need for a vote to turn back the clock and “save” marriage from the gays

The homo-lovers are driving the CanTaliban out of the Great White North. Hey now — we were hoping to export our wingnuts up your way. I’ve never heard of this homo-fixated preacher.

The Reverend Tristan Emmanuel says that for evangelical Christians, “there is a form of persecution taking place in Canada.” Emmanuel says the legalization of same-sex marriage, and hate crimes laws that criminalize discrimination against homosexuals, have fueled an intolerance against Bible-believing Christians.

The executive director of the Ontario-based Equipping Christians for the Public-Square Centre warns that that’s what American evangelicals could face in the years ahead. Emmanuel is urging his fellow believers to help vote Canada’s Liberal government out of office in next months’ national election. But he says many Canadian Christians tell him they are ready to give up and move to the United States.

Don’t you just love the idea of “Emmy” joining Daddy Dobson, Teletubby Falwell and Crazy Pat Robertson down here?

Thousands of people attend an anti-same-sex marriage march on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, April 9, 2005. (CP Photo/Jonathan Hayward)

Conservative Party head Stephen Harper appeared at one of Emmanuel’s anti-same sex marriage rallies last spring, where between 15,000 and 20,000 people turned out over the marriage issue. He told the crowd “we can win this fight!”Emmanuel is also a televangelist wannabe, so I’m sure Canadians will welcome his exodus should he choose to leave. I’m also sure that he has Dobson on speed dial, since he’s been touring the U.S. warning of doomsday scenarios, most recently floating around Massachusetts encouraging the amendment movement. He was interviewed by the Article 8 Alliance radio show “MassResistance.”

Massachusetts is a critical battleground for America’s culture war because it is the only state where marriage has been redefined to include homosexual couples. Article 8 wants to educate Americans about what is happening in Canada because the Massachusetts’ court cited Canada as a precedent to impose homosexual “marriage” on this New England state.

…”I’ve been visiting the U.S. this week for several reasons,” said Rev. Emmanuel. “As a Canadian, I want to warn influential American activists that Canada’s leftist political establishment continues on a course of cultural conflict with the U.S. – one that they want to export to the U.S. Also, I want to begin organizing a solid coalition movement to confront this before it is impossible to do so.”

Personally, I hope Mr. Emmanuel kicks open his closet door soon.

BTW, more on the ridiculous Massachusetts group Article 8 Alliance here.

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