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AFA urges pressure on potential advertisers of 'Daniel'

Tim and Don are going apesh*t because Ford didn’t fold.

Last week, the American Family Association tried to start up a holy war with NBC over the network’s new show “The Book of Daniel” (which features gay characters and a boatload of what the AFA perceives to be deviance). It called for a petition campaign to NBC chairman Bob Wright and threatened a boycott of sponsors of the program. My earlier post on the sleazy AFA’s activities is here.

To beat this not-yet-dead horse, the other part of the AFA’s approach is to contact NBC affiliates and potential sponsors of the program, which of course, the AFA is welcome to do — it’s their right, but we can keep tabs and counter them as well. Autoblog reports today:

The television network NBC is airing a new show called “The Book of Daniel” this month. The show contains an “openly” gay male character and a lesbian. The AFA has sent an e-mail to its membership asking that each member contact the show’s potential sponsors (GM, Chrysler, McDonalds, etc.) and request that sponsorship be withheld. The e-mail also asks members to contact any advertisers for local NBC affiliates and request that advertising be yanked on account of the show’s content…All we at Autoblog can say is: “Here we go again.”

Here’s the AFA downloadable handout the Wildmons are asking followers to use:

AFA Pass Along Sheet
Please print out this pass along sheet, fill in the call letters and phone number of your NBC affiliate, make copies and distribute in your Sunday school class and church.

New NBC show demeans Christians

Act now! Time is short! The program is scheduled to begin Friday, January 6.

Please call our local NBC affiliate and ask them not to carry The Book of Daniel.

Our NBC affiliate call letters are:______________________________________

Their phone number is:_____________________________________________
(Please note: NBC cannot force our local affiliate to carry this program. The decision to show this new program rests entirely with our local NBC affiliate.)

You can also send an email directly to NBC by visiting

While the public has not seen this new NBC series, here is a brief description of its contents taken from reviews in the secular media.

NBC is touting the The Book of Daniel with language that implies it is a serious drama about Christian people and the Christian faith. The main character is Daniel Webster, a drug-addicted Episcopal priest whose wife depends heavily on her mid-day martinis.

Webster regularly sees and talks with a very unconventional white-robed, bearded Jesus. The Webster family is rounded out by a 23-year-old homosexual Republican son, a 16-year-old drug dealing daughter, and a 16-year-old adopted son who is having sex with the bishops daughter. Websters lesbian secretary is sleeping with his sister-in-law.

NBC and the mainstream media call it edgy, challenging and courageous. The series is written by Jack Kenny, a practicing homosexual who describes himself as being in Catholic recovery,and is interested in Buddhist teachings about reincarnation and isnt sure exactly how he defines God and/or Jesus. I dont necessarily know that all the myth surrounding him (Jesus) is true, he said.

NBC considers the program a positive portrayal of Christ and Christians.

Of course the bottom line on that handout is quite telling: “Finally, if you believe we are making a difference, would you consider a small financial gift to AFA? There is so much more we could do if funds were available. Click here to help.”

Here’s the NBC affiliate list.

Pass along the link to this post and my last one to other blogs to help hammer the AFA’s bible-beating moralists down with exposure. I’m just so damn tired of these organizations, which are full of hypocrites and bigots telling everyone else how to live. And remember, the AFA promotes lovely family values with these sorts of theories (just a sampling)…

* Were gays the real evil behind the Holocaust?
* Is Europe “infested” with Muslims who breed “faster than we do”?
* Are gays responsible for the “end of times”?
* Are gays a “public health” threat?
* Do Jews control Hollywood?
* Are gays diseased perverts who die early?

Look, if the “The Book of Daniel” sucks, no one will watch and it will be canceled in short order. What the AFA fears is that “Daniel” might actually find an audience.

The AFA has been on a roll, targeting the list below last year with mixed results:
* Mattel (American Girl Dolls)
* Ford
* Proctor & Gamble
* Kraft
* Disney
* Kodak
* Wal-mart
* Kroger
* Target
* Walgreens, Office Max, Lowes and Home Depot
* Rick Santorum
* Condoms
* Israel

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