Meanwhile in the reality-based movie review world…

Roy has a very comprehensive and smart review of Munich up. Munich, of course being the latest film to give the neocons the vapors and force them to have a liedown after a shot or two of laudanum.

Particularly amusing is his link to Warren Bell who laments:

Ultimately, Spielberg admits he made a movie that asks more questions than it provides answers. My argument is that the questions aren’t that hard, and Steven Spielberg is in a unique position as America’s most popular modern filmmaker to take a real stand on the side of right and the side of justice. That he didn’t is an act of moral and artistic cowardice.

This coming from the creative force behind According To Jim. Next weeks episode:

When Jim and Cheryl preview a sex education video to be shown to children at Ruby’s school, they discover that the boy in the video is Jim.

Hilarious hijinks, as well as acts of moral and artistic courage, ensue.

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